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Alaska Pike Safari’s has a special use permit for transporting hunters for moose, black bear and wolf on the Innoko National Wildlife Refuge and State and BLM land. At this present time, our records show that 240 clients had been transported to the field. Alaska Pike Safari’s has supplied all clients with tents, boats with motors, and all equipment used in making a professional camp, ie … cook stove, wood stove, complete cook kits, tables and chairs, cots with sleeping pads, lanterns, flashlights, axe, Wyoming II meat saw, back­packs, tarps, water jugs, shovel for pit. privies, a first aid kit, life vests and flotation boat cushions.

A quality hunting or fishing experience has brought many return customers. Approximate 240 clients have enjoyed the opportunities of an area that stretches 300 miles from one end to the other. Stories of an outstanding hunting experience passed by word of mouth. The company got good by being good. No internet, magazines, or trade show advertising created APS success. Quality hunting and fishing trips relayed from one hunter or fisherman to the next created one of the most professional companies in Alaska.

The company philosophy was created in part by Connie’s close ties to the land as an Alaskan Native and Bruce’s hunting/fishing knowledge and fanatical attention to detail.

Game management has always been priority one. With limited clientel and a large hunting area, populations were carefully watched and managed. Slow areas were allowed to rest and the number of clients would be cut back. Additionally, airplanes have only been used to access the bear hunting grounds out of Cold Bay. All moose hunting has been done by boat without the possibility of the aircraft spotting that seems so prevalent in western Alaska today.

Our clients comfort is a close second to client safety and game management. In 14 years there have been no injuries or incidents requiring immediate first aid or removal from the hunting camps. All hunters are provided with first class equipment from the boats and motors to tents and gear for a sustainable comfortable camp.

We operate strictly within the laws and in cooperation with the State and Federal agencies. Additionally, APS has never had a single State or Federal violation or a Coast Guard citation for any of their many boats and guides.

The success and growth of APS and their ability to provide quality outdoor experiences for clients the world over is limited primarily by the lack of use areas where sustainable harvest can be practiced and managed.